Professional Orientation School for New Crime Laboratory Scientists

The Professional Orientation School for Crime Laboratory Scientists is a 4-week (or accelerated 2-week) orientation for new crime laboratory scientists.  It is designed to supplement a laboratory’s initial onboarding and professional orientation of forensic science employees.  Ideally, our students are working or training in accredited forensic science laboratories and will be competency tested in a particular forensic science laboratory discipline.  This workshop is also appropriate for college graduates who are in the process of seeking employment in the forensic laboratory sciences.

The primary objective of our school is to prepare crime laboratory scientists for the rigors, challenges, and rewards of forensic science. Laboratory administrators should give serious consideration to placing new employees, when possible, in our school within the first days or weeks of employment.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn the origins of crime laboratories and accreditation in the United States
  • Know how health and safety are managed in crime laboratories
  • Be better prepared to recognize and mitigate health and safety threats
  • Understand the history of forensic science and where it is today
  • Think differently about forensic science and its role in our criminal justice system
  • Be familiar with the most pivotal U.S. Supreme Court cases affecting forensic science experts
  • Understand the difference between laboratory documents and laboratory records
  • Appreciate laboratory information management systems and how they function
  • Understand the difference between customers, consumers, and stakeholders of crime laboratories
  • Be able to explain how ethics and integrity influence the practice of forensic science
  • Know the value of personality diversity in the workplace
  • Have strategies for better managing biases, attitudes, and thinking patterns
  • Appreciate the importance and complexity of professional responsibilities in forensic science
  • Feel motivated and energized to elevate their performance and professionalism
  • Demonstrate their acquired knowledge through the completion of a final examination

Unless an exception becomes necessary, each session is live with concurrent instruction and class participation.  

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