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In 2014, Crime Lab Report published and distributed its first ever print newspaper, which marked a historic moment in the evolution of our publication.  Below are the final PDF proofs for each quarterly issue.  They are large files so please be patient if download times seem excessive.  

Copyright Alert

Crime Lab Report is a copyrighted publication.  Any printing, selling, and or distribution of Crime Lab Report without the expressed written consent of the Chief Managing Editor is prohibited.

Past Issues

Summer 2014 Cover StoryApproximate Circulation Labs Vol/No
Spring 2014  The Story of Crime Lab Report (Inaugural Newsprint Edition) 100 10 8/1
Summer 2014 The Impossibility of Real Science in Today's Justice Criminal System1,750 67 8/2
Fall 2014 The Tragedy of Rape Kit Grandstanding 2,970 90 8/3
Winter 2015 Virginia DFS Reacts to Budget Constraints 3,130 110 9/1
Spring 2015 The National Commission on Forensic Science 3,350 121 9/2
Summer 2015 A Hair Raising Tale - The FBI Hair Review  3,500 125 9/3
Fall 2015  The American Congress of Forensic Science Laboratories   3,600 125 9/4
Winter 2016 A Rapid Revolution (Special Feature on Rapid DNA)  3,600 125 10/1
 Spring 2016  The Heroin Epidemic / Laboratory Compensation Study N/A N/A 10/2

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