Terms of Membership

For all memberships, the following are terms to which all applicants are assumed to have acknowledged their acceptance:

  • That the applicant is applying for himself or herself only, not a third party
  • That the applicant is the primary point of contact 
  • That the applicant agrees to have his or her contact information made available to other members for the purpose of networking and the self-regulation of the membership population
  • That the applicant has reviewed information about membership options and their benefits
  • That the applicant submits his or her application in good faith and for the purpose of advancing the interests and well-being of other members and applicants - in keeping with the overall mission of the organization(s) to which application is made
  • That the information provided on a membership application is true and honest to the best of the applicant's knowledge
  • That any false information provided in a membership application may be grounds for termination of the application or the resulting membership
  • That this may not be an exhaustive list of relevant terms of membership and that additions, editions, or deletions of terms is expected
  • That it is the responsibility of the applicant and/or member to be aware of any changes to these terms or others
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