Crime Lab Report (TM)
Crime Lab Report is a quarterly print and electronic newspaper, first published in 2007.  
Its success as a resource for industry and professional analysis related to the forensic sciences is unprecedented.
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 The Forensic Laboratory Scientist's Record of Credentials and Qualifications
A personalized workbook for new forensic science professionals to record relevant education, experience, and training.   (204 pages, spiral bound)  Click Here
Managing Human Resources in Forensic Science Laboratories
We are thrilled to be working with Elsevier (Academic Press) to write and publish the first ever book on human resource management in forensic science laboratories.  Author John M. Collins Jr. finalized his contract with Elsevier in December 2013 and is scheduled to complete his book in 2016.
10 Criteria Defining a Model Forensic Science Laboratory

    Collins, John M Jr  (2014) Taylor and Francis

    Forensic Science Policy and Management: An International Journal   Link to Article


Rethinking the Ownership of Crime Labs
    Collins, John M Jr  (2013)

    Police Chief Magazine, Published September 9, 2013     Link to Article

A Reality Check on Crime Lab Backlogs
    Collins, John M Jr  (2012)
    Michigan Bar Journal, Published October 2012       
Link to Article (pdf)

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