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This members-only page is a listing of dates, titles, and links to articles published by Crime Lab Report prior to the transition of the publication to news print in 2014.  For access to the full PDF proofs of the print edition, please visit our Newspaper Archive.

Date of Publication TitleAccess Link
April 5 2007 Science increases the need for our justice system to use common sense View Article
May 4 2007 Television cameras in the courtroom are a barrier to the truth-seeking process View Article
May 12 2007 Are you sure you're a scientist? View Article
June 1 2007 Defense attorneys need access to forensic expertise View Article
June 5 2007 A speech to the National Academy of Sciences regarding economic and public policy  challenges in forensic science - by John M. Collins Jr. View Article
June 12 2007 Blame the judicial system for wrongful convictions, not crime labs View Article
July 2 2007 Houston PD crime lab needs honesty from local journalists and officials View Article
July 24 2007 Forensic labs in Tucson, Arizona hold their own against misinformed critics View Article
July 27 2007 The fourth era of forensic science has begun View Article
August 5 2007 Leadership is needed to keep mud from being slung at crime labs View Article
September 24 2007 The Innocence Project has questions to answer View Article
October 17 2007 Crime laboratory directors show class and heart View Article
November 8 2007 Many are to blame for Maryland judge's ruling View Article
December 20 2007 Low bid accreditation will doom forensic science View Article
January 16 2008 MSNBC misses real story in forensic failure series View Article
February 7 2008  Innocence politics weighs heavy on Senate hearing - and the law View Article
March 14 2008  Look to staff existing crime labs before building new ones View Article
May 21 2008  Should states charge for forensic services? View Article
June 18 2008  Licensing, Certification, or Accreditation? View Article
July 16 2008  New study 'exonerates' forensic science View Article
July 16 2008 The Wrongful Conviction of Forensic Science - Original Pre-Peer Review ArticleView Article
August 20 2008  Kindred Spirits?  Pharmacists, doctors, and forensic scientists? View Article
October 15 2008  Crime labs under the police - unresolved issues View Article
November 19 2008  Business - the lifeblood of forensic science View Article
December 17 2008  Prosecutors don't belong in the crime lab business View Article
 January 21 2009 Forensic pattern identification: A history lesson, and some advice, for Saks and  Faigman View Article
January 21 2009  Forensic pattern identification: A history lesson, and some advice, for Saks and  Faigman - Response from Saks & Faigman View Article
February 18 2009  Yet another wrongful conviction misattributed to faulty forensic science View Article
March 4 2009  National Academy of Sciences Report - Legacy of historic document depends on  good-faith collaboration View Article
March 18 2009  Congress must protect forensic science and taxpayers from bad politics View Article
April 1 2009  A response to the testimony of Judge Harry T. Edwards before the Senate Judiciary  Committee View Article
April 15 2009  Crime Lab Report resurrects 'Voices of History' in new series View Article
April 15 2009  Voices of History:  The father of firearm identification speaks - an interview with Dr.  Calvin Goddard View Article
May 20 2009  New generation of journalists creates opportunities - and responsibilities - for crime  laboratories View Article
July 15 2009  High Court tackles forensic reports in landmark ruling (Melendez-Diaz) View Article
August 24 2009  Voices of History:  America's Sherlock Holmes in the early years of forensic science  - an interview with Luke S. May View Article
September 16 2009  Post-conviction activists 'contaminate' evidence in Texas View Article
October 23 2009  Another helping of forensic politics - Texas style View Article
November 24 2009  Stochastics - The real science behind forensic pattern identification View Article
December 16 2009  From Detroit to Boston - A tale of two cities View Article
February 22 2010  Forensic science commissions:  a waste of taxpayer dollars?  You be the judge View Article
March 17 2010  DNA fixation is harmful to justice system and offensive to crime victims View Article
April 28 2010  DNA fixation:  Responses from our readers View Article
 May 12 2010 Innocence Activism 'contaminates' forensic evidence, study warns View Article
 May 12 2010 Contextual Contamination of Forensic Evidence by Post-Conviction Litigators View Article
 April 5 2011 Corrupt journalism is survived, but rarely defeated View Article
 July 15 2011  Paul Ferrara:  the passing of a visionary and friend View Article
 December 28 2011  John Grisham - fresh face with same false message View Article
 September 19 2012  A resolute but vigilant return for Crime Lab Report View Article
 October 31 2012  Preventing crime lab troubles is not rocket science View Article
 November 28 2012  Innocence wool pulled over science eyes at ACS 2012 View Article
 January 28 2013 Self-policing a good solution to fix 'junk journalism' View Article
 February 28 2013  Promise and Peril:  The National Forensic Science Commission View Article
 March 28 2013  Complex scandal had simple causes, says audit report View Article
 April 29 2013  Management credentials at issue in Ohio crime laboratory View Article
 May 31 2013  Wrongful relocation of geese by a crime laboratory? View Article
 July 10 2013  For whom toll the bells of St. Paul? View Article
August 2 2013  In search of the Holy Grail  (FBI hair-comparison controversy) View Article
 August 27 2013  The risk of organized labor in crime laboratories View Article
 October 8 2013  American Bar Association shows true colors on science View Article
 October 20 2013  Media activism in Texas distorted facts about hair evidence View Article
 January 22 2014  Ralph "Bud" Keaton - A forensic pioneer still among us View Article
 February 28 2014  A public epidemic pays forensic science another visit  (drug abuse) View Article
 March 24 2014  When we talk about bias, let's be honest View Article
 May 2 2014  Lessons from a deadly backlog of a different sort View Article
 June 30 2014  Strengthening Forensic Science by Example View Article
 December 10 2014 The Innocence Audit - National Registry of Exonerations fabricates blame View Article
 December 10 2014The Innocence Audit - Innocence Fraud - Is it Prevalent? View Article
 December 15 2014The Innocence Audit - A Special Investigative Series View Article

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