The Forensic Foundations Group
Comprehensive Occupational Support for the Forensic Laboratory Sciences

The Forensic Foundations Group is a training and consulting company founded by John M. Collins Jr., a 20-year veteran of the forensic laboratory sciences and former director of the forensic science laboratories operated by the State of Michigan.  Collins specializes in the management and development of human resources in forensic science organizations and his office is based in East Lansing, Michigan near the campus of his alma mater, Michigan State University.  

Uniting a Community
The Forensic Foundations Group is the company that founded the American Congress of Forensic Science Laboratories, Crime Lab Report, and the Forensic Science Chamber of Commerce.  
A critical component of strong occupational performance is unity and economies-of-scale among those who share common responsibilities, priorities, and challenges.  FFG manages the day-to-day business of these important and influential entities as they reshape the forensic science landscape allowing for the better development of personnel and practices.

Professional Training

The Forensic Foundations Group works collaboratively with employees and administrators in public and private forensic science laboratories who are seeking to elevate their professionalism and performance.  In our mission to develop talent and trust in the forensic laboratory sciences.

  • Welcome and orient new employees to the profession of forensic science
  • Encourage and re-engage experienced employees who are stressed, burned-out, or in need of motivation
  • Inform laboratories on major occupational and industry issues of the day
  • Develop critical competencies among current and emerging leaders
  • Work one-on-one to mentor and coach high-potential clients
  • Consult with laboratories to assess their operations and improve their management system
  • Teach and consult with stakeholders and businesses involved with the forensic laboratory sciences 

John Collins teaching the HR Capstone course for the ASCLD Leadership Academy in 2014.  John is one of the original founding instructors for the academy, focusing on HR practices in forensic science laboratories.

Areas of Focus

Human Resource Management
  • Employee Development
  • Supervisory Development
  • Policy and Procedure Development
  • Workforce Strategy
  • Quality System Design
  • Quality System Management
  • Accreditation Comformance
Professional Coaching
  • Employee Coaching
  • Executive Coaching
  • Personal Coaching
Education for Attorneys
  • Understanding Scientific Evidence
  • Scientific "Thought Partnering"
  • Evaluating Science and Technical Evidence

Professionalism in Forensic Science

  • New Employee Onboarding
  • Professional Engagement and Motivation
  • Ethics and Professional Responsibility
  • Critical Competencies for Supervisors

Professionalism in Law Enforcement

  • Leadership Development for Civilians
  • People-Centered Command
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