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Crime Lab Report is an independent publication that analyzes professional practices, media coverage, industry trends, and public policies related to the practice of the forensic laboratory sciences within the criminal justice system. In this capacity we seek to contribute to the public record so that decisions regarding this critical profession are based on the most accurate information possible. Please visit our website for more information about our publication and editorial practices:  www.crimelabreport.com.

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This publication contains opinions and information that should be corroborated with independent research before being construed as factual. Every reasonable effort is made to ensure accuracy and contextual honesty. Opinions expressed in this issue do not necessarily represent those of the entire editorial team, sponsors, nor any organization with whom the managing editors may be affiliated or employed. Organizations placing advertisements in Crime Lab Report are not aware of the content of our publication at the time of printing and distribution. Advertisements should not be construed as an endorsement of any content appearing in Crime Lab Report. On occasion, Crime Lab Report reprints articles and photographs from other sources only when permission is obtained or when the reprint is considered a fair use of copyrighted material, and when proper attribution is provided.

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Feature Articles

In Defense of Forensic Pattern Identifications
By John M. Collins Jr.

Accreditation for the One-Person Organization
By Karin Athanas


Editor's Note
Crime Lab Report wishes to acknowledge that a workshop was held on Thursday September 15, 2016 by the Forensic Technology Center of Excellence regarding report language in forensic science.  This was purely coincidence.  Crime Lab Report was not aware of the workshop either prior to or at the time of publication. We encourage our readers to watch the archived version of this workshop.  

Crime Lab Report wishes to thank Karin Athanas, Forensic Program Manager at A2LA for her manuscript on the accreditation of one-person organizations.

Please click here to visit A2LA

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