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Crime Lab Report is a quarterly news publication that analyzes media coverage, industry trends, and public-policies related to forensic science and its application within the criminal justice system.  In this capacity, our publication seeks to supplement the public record with information that helps practitioners, administrators, and stakeholders make more informed decisions about this critical profession. 

Critical commentaries written by contributing authors are published regularly.  Although Crime Lab Report is not an advocacy organization, we seek to properly frame the issues for those who require access to accurate information about forensic science in the United States.  In doing so, we respond to reports and information that appear in the public record.

Crime Lab Report reviews and publishes manuscripts and commentary from professionals and students affiliated with all functions of our criminal justice system.  In doing so, we hope to give our readers access to the thoughts and writings of individuals having a clear and thought-provoking perspective on the day's most relevant issues.  Opposing viewpoints are also published.

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