Specialized Consulting

Our consulting practice is tailored to meet any needs related to the administration of forensic science laboratories and the management or development of human resources.

The following are examples of consulting engagements that we're capable of fulfilling:  

  • Accreditation Preparation  (learn more)
  • Failure Analysis & Recovery
  • Corrective Action
  • Culture Renewal
  • Gap Assessments
  • Health & Safety Inspections
  • Human Resource Management
  • Leadership and Succession Planning
  • Management Systems
  • Quality Systems 
  • Strategic Positioning
  • Workplace Investigations 

Complicated laboratory organizational structures that stifle communication are often a major contributor to internal dysfunction.  Before hiring a consultant, look carefully at your lines of communication and determine if there are any ambiguous lines of reporting, including strong personalities that are compromising the quality of communication in your organization.

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