Making an Impact - Crime Lab Report Citations in Other Literature

Crime Lab Report, since 2007, has been cited by authoritative experts and agencies in major rulings and publications.  The following is a partial list of the most significant references to Crime Lab Report articles and the work of our managing editors.

2013     Book: Wrongful Convictions & Miscarriages of Justice
              Edited by Huff and Killias, Published by Taylor & Francis

2013     Book: Ethical Justice - Applied Issues for Criminal Justice Students and Professionals
              By Turvey and Crowder, Academic Press

2013     Book: Forensic Fraud - Evaluating Law Enforcement and Forensic Science Cultures in the context of examiner misconduct
              By Brent E. Turvey, Academic Press

2012     Article: Forensic Science and Wrongful Convictions: From Exposer to Contributor to Corrector
              Simon A. Cole
              New England Law Review, Jun 2, 2012

2011     Article: The Need for a Research Culture in the Forensic Sciences
              58 UCLA Law Review 725 (2011)

2012     Book: Technology, Crime, and Justice: The Question Concerning Technomia
              By Michael R. McGuire, Routledge

2011     Book: Forensic Technology - Current Controversies
              Greenhaven Press / Gale Cengage Learning

2011     Book: Media and Criminal Justice - The CSI Effect
              By Dennis J. Stevens, Jones and Bartlett Publishers, LLC.

2011     Government Report: Report of the Advisory Committee on Wrongful Convictions
              Joint State Government Commission
             General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

2010     Article: Are Exonerations Undermining Forensic Science?
              By Rebecca Waters, Forensic Magazine

2010     Article: The Aftermath of Melendez: Highlighting the Need for Accreditation Based Rules of Admissibility for Forensic Evidence
              Thomas M. Cooley Law Review, Vol. 27:1

2009     Government Report: Stregthening Forensic Science in the United States: A Path Forward
              National Academy of Sciences / National Research Council


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