How the Chamber Works

The graphic (right) illustrates how the Forensic Foundations Group conducts business, and how we create synergy between forensic science laboratories and the businesses that provide them with the products and services that they need to operate.

"Outbound" Services for Forensic Science Professionals

We design and deliver high-quality schools, workshops, and support services that enable forensic science laboratories to improve both the talent of their employees and the stability of their organizational cultures.  We offer:

  1.  Schools and Workshops
  2.  Publications
  3.  Personal/Professional Mentoring and Coaching
  4.  Laboratory Consulting
  5.  Laboratory Performance Assessments

"Inbound" Market Data and Analysis

Every time we interface with professionals working in a forensic science laboratory, we have an opportunity to learn what challenges they face on a daily basis, particularly those that can potentially be resolved through innovation in the private sector.  With a multi-modal approach, we study trends and opinions among forensic science professionals and report our findings to the members of the Forensic Science Chamber of Commerce who use our reports to refine their own market strategies.

Why It Works

Our business model lowers costs and expands access to quality information for both laboratories and private businesses working in the forensic sciences.  By bridging gaps that exist in the current forensic science environment, we create advantages for our clients that make them more competent and competitive.

The above graphic illustrates the outbound and inbound cycle
that defines how the Forensic Foundations Group conducts business.  As services are provided directly to forensic science laboratories, critical market and industry data are gathered and made available to the members of the Forensic Science Chamber of Commerce.  The cycle builds on itself as members of the Chamber help modify our services to keep them current and informative.

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