Business Growth in Forensic Science

The Forensic Foundations Group consults with businesses seeking to perform more effectively in the forensic science markets.  We prioritize the members of the Chamber of Commerce, but will consult with other businesses when there are no conflicts of interest.

Membership in the Chamber of Commerce includes enhanced access to our team; however, full consulting engagements may be beneficial when more complex work is necessary.  We keep our consultations entirely confidential, and we avoid conflicts that might prevent us from fully assisting our clients. 

Although the Chamber of Commerce, as well as our business consulting practice, is a way for members to improve their market relevance and prominence, we can also help businesses with the same HR and organizational development services that we provide to laboratories.  

Competence is necessary for competitiveness.  Competitiveness is necessary for business growth.


For Private Enterprise


Forensic Science Chamber of Commerce

L2B - Laboratory-to-Business Synergy

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Market Performance Consulting

Building prominence through competency

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Consider joining the Chamber of Commerce if you'd like to become more competitive at a lower cost.

About Forensic Science Consulting 

We aim to assist companies and professionals in private enterprise who wish to become more competitive at a lower cost. 

The forensic science industry is complicated and fragmented.  Our years of experience in forensic science practice and administration are invaluable to any organization hoping to better understand how this market works and how it identifies and rewards its "winners."

Once we understand your goals and challenges, we can help you thrive.   

Please contact us immediately.

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