Evening Workshop for Attorneys

Please download a copy of our brochure for our Evening Workshop for Trial Attorneys: Experts and Specialized Evidence.

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About the Workshop
The American Courtroom has become transformed by expert witnesses and the specialized opinions they bring with them. These experts emerge from cultures, communities, and groups that are inherently tribal in nature, meaning that experts have among their priorities the need to protect their peers. Although most expert witnesses are highly capable, ethical, and professional, they are always vulnerable to error and conditioned thinking. The U.S. Supreme Court recognized this phenomenon in its 1993 ruling in Daubert v. Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals,  which gave judges tremendous responsibility in acting as “gatekeepers” to evaluate the admissibility and weight of scientific evidence. Indeed, judges are the gatekeepers, but it is the trial attorneys who hold and maintain the keys.

This 3‐ part workshop is designed for all trial attorneys seeking to improve their evaluation of expert 
witnesses and the interpretation of specialized opinions.

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