Our Mission

To unite and represent all current or former professionals employed within the forensic laboratory sciences in the United States, while creating the conditions necessary for our members to serve the American criminal and civil justice systems with confidence and integrity.

Our Origins

ACFSL was created on June 2, 2015 when a small group of concerned forensic laboratory professionals convened to discuss the nature of contemporary criminal justice reform initiatives being advanced by trial attorneys and federal policy makers in Washington, D.C., and the likely effects of those initiatives on the future administration and practice of the forensic laboratory sciences in the United States.

Governing Documents

ACFSL operates under a constitution developed to facilitate the transition of the organization into a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

Our guiding principles document sets for the fundamental policy imperatives upon which we were created.

A Different Concept 

The creation of ACFSL was based on the opinion that no organization in the United States was structured to fully represent and communicate the interests of all professionals employed in the forensic laboratory sciences.  Several reputable organizations exist to serve the forensic sciences and particular areas of specialized expertise, but none have memberships comprised of all levels of responsibility and disciplines of practice found in American forensic science laboratories.   

A new organization better suited to assemble and strengthen forensic laboratory professionals in the United States was found to be critical to ensuring that the future of the profession remains in the hands of those having good-faith intent for a healthy, reliable, and productive forensic laboratory community.

Our Priorities

We are currently engaged in a comprehensive campaign to assemble forensic laboratory professionals in the United States and document their opinions about a variety of critical issues and trends affecting their occupation.  As our data set grows, we will report our findings with recommendations on how to stabilize and advance the administration and practice of forensic laboratory science.

Continuous Improvement

Through publications, training, and biannual symposia, ACFSL seeks to challenge forensic laboratory professionals to improve their technical and administrative practices.  We are interested in scrutinizing long-held beliefs and defending valid principles that have survived the tests of time and rigorous evaluation.

Unity and Collaboration

At the heart of our organization's mission is the critical responsibility to facilitate efficient collaboration among our members and to communicate their collective voice even when there is not a consensus.  Minority opinions have value and we seek to ensure that they are heard and applied to solving the many challenges facing forensic science laboratories today.

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