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The American Congress of Forensic Science Laboratories (ACFSL) is the only multidisciplinary assembly of professionals employed in United States forensic science laboratories.

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A Conversation about the Congress
John M. Collins Jr. discusses ACFSL and its goals 

ACFSL supports and advocates for its members in wide array of issues and topics.  Our primary objective is to support the development of forensic laboratory professionals by identifying, sharing, and teaching advanced occupational competencies.  We
also advocate vigorously for a professional environment in which
all forensic science laboratories and their employees are most
likely to excel. 

We provide learning opportunities through classroom training, webinars, professional assemblies, and publications.

Did You Know?

There are approximately 400 accredited forensic science laboratories in the United States.

There are roughly 14,000 employees working in America's accredited forensic science laboratories.

Approximately 10-15% of all cases submitted to laboratories involve DNA testing.

Forensic laboratory scientists transition between two critical roles - that of scientist, and that of consultant.

Communication skills are as important as scientific competence.  Science has no value until it is communicated and given meaning.

Forensic science laboratories are as concerned about identifying the innocent as they are the guilty.


2015-2018 Membership Drive

Our goal is to recruit and serve 3,500 members representing forensic science laboratories in the United States by the end of 2018.

Membership is now open.  Please click the memberships menu near the top of your screen.

Annual Assembly 

ACFSL's executive board is working toward the scheduling and hosting of its first membership assembly.  More information will be provided to our membership as this event takes shape.

Why is ACFSL necessary? 

Until ACFSL, no professional association has ever assembled and supported all forensic / crime  laboratory professionals regardless of their cross-disciplinary interests or positions of authority.  But now, there is unprecedented political, judicial, and occupational pressure on these laboratories that demand entirely new approaches to the occupational development of all professionals working in today's forensic science laboratories. 

Benefits of Membership

  • Personal identification card
  • Personal subscription to Crime Lab Report
  • Supplemental communications
  • Direct interface with the Forensic Science Chamber of Commerce
  • Support our guiding principles
  • Memorialize your vote on key research questions
  • Receive publications and ACFSL policy statements
  • Participate in ongoing research
  • Discounted assembly registration
  • Access to special discounts and group services
  • Access to best-in-class training
  • Access to members-only web pages and Crime Lab Report archives

Membership is now open!  Formal announcements will be made later this summer!

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